'Top Lesi Poddi' is not for Ram Charan

By - May 22, 2013 - 11:00 AM IST

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We already have reported few days back producer Bandla Ganesh has registered the title 'Top Lesi Poddi' for one of his upcoming films. The title made people curious, as a movie had already been made with this title several years ago and it was a flop. One of the main reasons for this curiosity build up among the present generation is becasue of a doubt that the title could be for the film starring actor Ram Charan
Ram Charan is slated to do a film for producer Bandla Ganesh in the direction of 'Mirchi' fame Koratala Siva. With the producer registering the title and the actor getting ready to do the film, many came to a conclusion that 'Top Lesi Poddi' could be the title for Ram Charan’s next film. However the director has squashed all such rumors and made it clear that it will not be the title of the film. Koratala Siva said that he has a title in mind for the film and that the news doing the rounds is false. With the director clearing all the confusion, we hope the rumors come to a rest.