Sanjjanaa and Lakshmi Rai in a spot

By - May 22, 2013 - 05:30 PM IST

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The spot fixing mess is getting messier day by day with new twists and turns coming each day. The latest names to be out in this issue are again related to Telugu film industry. Apparently, the police have found pictures of heroines Sanjjanaa ('Bujjigadu' fame) and Lakshmi Rai ('Kanchana' fame) with Sreesanth in the latter’s laptop. The primary investigations have revealed that both these heroines along with few Bollywood one’s and some models had very good relationship with the cricketer.
"Could they be involved in this spot fixing?" is the question on everyone’s mind and the guessing game has already started. Already a buzz is being heard that the police are taking them in for questioning. Wonder how many more names are going to be unfolded as this investigation progresses.