Thriller Trend in Tollywood

By - May 24, 2013 - 09:00 AM IST

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Thriller movies are distant relatives of Tollywood which come sporadically. They are relegated to small budget or hero movies. With main stream stars focussed only on commercial and mass entertainers, thrillers are not getting enough attention from Telugu viewers.  The same is not the trend with Tamil heroes and have started opting for thriller stories. Vijays recent Tamil block buster hit ‘Tupaki’ is also a thriller. Bollywood doesn’t have any shortage of such thrillers, Amir Khans recent hit ‘Talaash’ also belongs to the same genre. In the resent times the telugu audience have started appreciating the value of thriller movies and two mega heroes Ram Charan and Allu Arjun are coming out with thriller movie concept hoping to make it big.

When Allu Arjun and Puri Jagannath teamed up again to make a movie, everyone assumed it to be a mass masala entertainer. But the common audience thought it to be a love story because of the title ‘Iddarammayilatho’ and the songs were also composed in sync with the love theme. Even Puri also stated by saying that he is doing a love story movie after a long time. Thrillers heavily stimulate the viewer's mood giving them a high level of expectation, uncertainity, surprise, anxiety and terror. Even though there are two heroines, Iddarammayilatho is going to be a out and out thriller with little scope for love and romantic scenes is the latest report.

If this news is to be believed that we have a Thriller with the combination of Puri and Bunny. Even Ram Charan is no less, this time he too opted for a Thriller in the form of Yevadu - based on the Hollywood Super Hit Movie Face-Off. This movie is going to be a formula changer barring the common commercial elements. This movie of Ram Charan is going to entertain and put the audience at the edge of their seats from start to finish. At last Telugu Movie Industry is going to see a new evolving trend with these 2 movies and hopefully they will make an impact at the box office.


If Bunny and Cherry can deliver a blockbuster it may change the current trend of Telugu cinema and open the doors for more interesting plots in the future.