Parvathi Melton - How did Vennela turned Puvvai Puvvai!

By - May 25, 2013 - 04:39 PM IST

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Can you believe she is the same girl who flaunted her innocent face in her debut film Vennela and now shot up the pulse of the youth with the item number “Puvvai Puvvai…” Such was the diversity she attempted but unfortunately with no impact to remember!

From California to Film Nagar, her journeys was like a UFO [Unidentified Foreign Object] visit to our planet Earth- come…buzz around and abscond! This week, our Ctrl Z writers have eyed upon Parvathi Melton nit-picking over her career. Dwelling deep into her short and sweet innings, this is what we got for you!

1st Step: Vennela – UP
Unlike many debutantes, she was lucky enough to have got a decent role of a typical traditional Indian girl studying in abroad and her experiences with love in her very first film Vennela (2005). Director Deva Katta somehow found his heroine in Parvathi while she was doing her college in Vista College, California. However, she struck gold with the very first film and our industry smelled the entry of a milky baby.

2nd Step: Game – DOWN
Our Parvathi chose Vishnu Manchu’s project Game (2006) as her crucial second step at the right note where she needs an outright hit. Neither our Vishnu Babu nor Collection King Mohan Babu could change her fate because the film right away landed in the dud-yard of the box-office!

3rd Step: Allare Allari – DOWN
“What else can you expect for a ‘flop heroine’?” [Sorry…generally, this is how industry slams about a newbie with a disaster] Naturally, you’ll have the devil to pay. Somehow, comedy films don’t often do wonders for the heroines! [They seem to work for heroes alone]. However, even Allare Allari (2006) was nothing but a dud – Welcome to the ground floor Memsaap!

4th Step: Madhumasam - SLIGHTLY UP!
After yet another flop, Parvathi rather ran clueless, explored all avenues and got to do Madhumaasam, a glamorous supporting character. Guess what, it is a Sumanth’s film and a good film though but you know our guruji Sri Sri Sri Commercial Swamyji isn’t quite pleased with her choice [Of course, he likes this talented bee]. That’s why he blessed her with a big fish to give her the much needed ‘break’.

5th Step: Jalsa – SHOT UP overnight!
And the big fish blessed by our Commercial Swamyji was ‘Jalsa’ (2008). Nevertheless, she continued to be the ‘second heroine’ in this film too. But, since the film was a super hit, she hit pay dirt. The point here is that, her talent has finally fallen in the notice of a star director like Trivikram. So, naturally we expect a deluge of offers. But, we take her by quite a pleasant surprise!

------- STRATEGIC TIME OUT for 3yrs --------

2011: Dookudu – A grand comeback!
After the 3yr hiatus, she hit the silver screen with an item number “Puvai Puvai…” in Dookudu which was a chartbuster and indeed a re-birth.
But, she keeps barking up the wrong tree again and again. Now, it’s Srimannarayana (2012) - yet another flop feather to her cap. And forget not to add Yamaho Yama (2012) to it!

Whenever she got a hit, she spot the wrong horse and got her fingers burnt. Before you chose a project, you need to step warily considering the hero, his current market value, the makers and the trade competence of the film. And without smartness, sorry you can’t have a home run here!

P.S: Wait…looking for the same sentence?

Sorry, since Parvathi Melton is married off, it’s not a ‘Ctrl Z’ anymore; people have already started Shift+Deleting her. But, since we are very good at free advices, here are few [You need not thank us Parvathi…above all, you are one of the most unforgettable sirens ever]
-    She can always resume her acting career as a heroine [As not many knew she’s married] but this time no more blind walks please!
-    She can take a break and then resume her acting career as a supporting actress.
-    Otherwise, she can be an entrepreneur herself in this field [We are confident that she can pull the crowd with the ‘Puvai Puvai’ image!]