Yamudu sequel named Singham

By - May 25, 2013 - 02:33 PM IST

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‘Singam’ starring Surya was a 2010 summer release and a super success at the box office. However during the same summer Telugu film industry saw the release of the film ‘Simha’ which too was a huge success. So when it came to the dubbing version of ‘Singam’ in Telugu, the title was changed to ‘Yamudu’ to avoid confusions. Now in 2013, the makers of ‘Yamudu’ are ready with a sequel and it is going to be named as ‘Singham’ in Telugu which is closer to its original title.
What’s interesting here is that, the original ‘Singam’ had many  remakes due to its immense popularity and one of those  titled as ‘Singham’. It starred Ajay Devgn in the lead and was a huge success as well making the title very popular all over. With the sequel of ‘Yamudu’ titled as ‘Singham’, could it be possible that the makers are trying to cash in the familiarity of the title among the audience?