OM ? A 25Cr Gamble!

By - May 29, 2013 - 10:58 AM IST

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Well Well Well!! Here comes the maverick. Is RISK his middle name? But this time the stakes are quite HIGH.

Kalyan Ram is on a wild ride with his upcoming action adventure film OM which is estimated at a budget of 25Cr. But the Million Dollar Question is “Does he have the Market Value & Craze among the audience”. Adding fuel to the fire he opened the doors for a new director leaving everyone surprised!! Also during OM Audio release, Dasari made a point by adding “a 12Cr movie is made with 25Cr and this is a 3D movie where only few theatres in the state have the technology to screen”.  So if the above statements were to be true and the movie has to be watched only in 3D, Kalyan Ram’s creative efforts will go in vain. So technically, even though the movie scores a big hit, the return on investment is looking sky high.  Digging into his past and analyzing the impact he made at the box office with Athanokkade and Hare Ram one can guess the rest of the story.

But we all know that RISK is his middle name and Kalyan Ram is up for the challenge and ready to gamble. He wanted this movie to be a visual extravaganza and is the very reason for this high spending project. Let’s hope his hard work pays off and will raise the bar.