Allari 2 begins shooting

By - May 30, 2013 - 03:32 PM IST

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Shooting of the film 'Allari 2' starring Allari Naresh in the lead directed by Ravi Babu has begun today. As the title suggests the movie is sequel to the successful film 'Allari' made a decade ago. This is the third time they are coming together for a film though, the combination had previously done a film called 'Party' which was a complete washout at the box office.
Allari Naresh currently has two films ready for release. While 'Action 3D' is undergoing its 3D conversion process, 'Kevvu Keka' is into post production activities recently. The actor, who is known not to waste time and do films simultaneously, is already making plans for a film that would be shot simultaneously with 'Allari 2'.