By - June 02, 2013 - 12:54 AM IST

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Once upon a time, there lived a King who is known for his wit and sense of humor. The commoners who came with their problems actually returned their cheeks aching whether they got justice or not [Of course, people truly enjoyed his humor]. He had two charming sons. Usually, the elder son acquires the throne and that’s the custom but in this case, his younger son inherited his throne and is ruling the kingdom.

This is flashback and what we are going to tell you now is why did the elder Rajkumar [hey…not Kannada Superstar Punit Rajkumar] could not assume the throne and where did he go wrong?

Sorry didn’t disclose the names…right? The one we are talking about here is Aryan Rajesh, the elder son of renowned filmmaker, Comedy mogul late E.V.V. Satyanarayana [Obviously, his younger son becomes our Sudden star ‘Allari’ Naresh].

It has been a year since this ‘babu’ has come to the industry and we are afraid if someone could recognize him in flash! Because…

2002 – 2004: In second gear

He got introduced in the year 2002 through a prestigious and successful banner like Suresh Productions which has introduced many stars for us. It was Hai, a typical love story one who would usually opt for a debut. It was quiet pumped up to be a 100day runner which actually passed the muster with an average talk.

The second one to follow in the same year was Sontham, yet another love story with a typical Srinu Vaitla mark of comedy. Though the film is a good entertainer, it failed to stimulate the cash-registers. It was the first dud for our Yuvaraj [Again not to be understood as cricketer Yuvraj].

Nothing could change his fate in the next couple of years as well. He marched ahead with consecutive flops sorry disasters like Aadanthe Ado Type, Sambhu and Leela Mahal Centre until his father, the Comedy Master EVV himself took charge over things.

2005 – In third gear for a while and back to first gear

Aryan Rajesh should have got 2005 etched in his living room because that was the year Evadi Gola Vadide, his first super hit ever was made. EVV, the comedy king has summoned all the star comedians of the Telugucomedy kingdom and cooked a hilarious laugh riot which offered his son some reason to smile!

But, his planetary motions were not approving his success! They plotted a coup and our hero turned a victim of that. The end result – he bid farewell to that year with two other flops Nireekshana and Nuvvante Naakishtam.

Post 2005 – Pulling off with a punctured tyre…

Later, our smarty was out of the picture for two good years. In 2007 it was renowned filmmaker Vamsi who picked him up for his Anumanaspadam [probably to give a break!]. The film was a musical hit [Come on…it was a Maestro Ilayaraja musical!] that pumped hopes in Aryan Rajesh but the film bombed much to his dismay.

And please don’t ask about his further films…Romeo2009, Buridi, Balaraju Aadi Baammardi which only the Film Chamber and Censor board should know to have released.

Now, he looks busy in Tamil this year with Thuttu, Vedikkaiand Thiruvasagam to fall place.


Every debutante hero tries to get close to youth and mass with their initial films. Earning an image as a mass hero or a lover boy shall be the target.Aryan Rajesh too tried out the same. He is smart, lively and a decent actor too. When people haven’t accepted him as a lover boy, he tried out mass mantra with films like Leela Mahal Centre but even that didn’t work for him.

Now, he tried his hands at comedy and that too with an overdose of comedians in it. Though it was a desperate attempt to strike success, it only punctured his tyre. In spite of Evadi Gola Vadide being a hit, Aryan didn’t earn a spec of a credit as it was a director’s film moreover credited to the comedians’ account.

He should have at least settled down with comedy which didn’t happen either. He sipped several other genres but found nothing working for him.

Judgment is a crucial differentiating trait of a successful person which Aryan Rajesh unfortunately lacked. This was evident in all his choices and shall reflect in his future picks too.

P.S: Aryan is a peculiar cinematic case where nothing worked in spite of several feats. Something of this kind happens once in a million cases. Anyhow, if not a Ctrl+Z totally, it’s high time he reviews his career and locates himself in this league. Instead of doing films for sheer numbers, he can be selective and acquire a different image-be it a villain or a comedian and fill the blanks of this industry. Unarguably, he is far better than many faces we get to see on our Telugu screen today and is an able actor too! So, we would love him to board up the success track and make a mark in this marathon.