Suraj Pancholi under scanner in Jiah Khan's suicide case

By - June 05, 2013 - 11:12 AM IST

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Suraj Pancholi son of actor Adithya Pancholi has come under police scanner in the Jiah Khan’s suicide case. The actress had reportedly last called Suraj before her suicide and it is because of this call Suraj has been questioned by the police. Not only this they were rumored to be dating from a very long time and hence the police want to know every small detail about their relationship which could help them come to a conclusion about this drastic step taken by the actress.
A day later the reactions are still pouring in about the sudden demise of the actress. Hitherto unknown facts about Jiah Khan too are surfacing now post the death. Many say that the actress was under severe depression because of her career not taking off the way she expected it to. Whatever may be the reason everyone feels that, at 25, it was just too early for someone to die.