Now the title hunt begins for RULER

By - June 08, 2013 - 08:11 AM IST

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As we already know the puja ceremony was performed for Balayya and Boyapati Srinu’s new project and they wanted to take the movie onto the sets on June10, which is Balayya’s birthday. We knew upfront that there were few troubles on this project, one – the quest for Balayya’s heroine and two – the title dispute. Looks like the attempts to resolve the title have not been fruitful.

In the past iQlik Movies has posted that the title ‘Ruler’ was registered under Creative Commercials Banner that belongs to K.S.Rama Rao. While filming Dhammu, the name ‘Ruler’ struck Boyapati Srinu and without any second thought, he registered it under Creative Commercial Banner. However, K.S.Rama Rao is now reluctant to hand over the title to Boyapati Srinu movie and the title ‘Ruler’ is in a state of confusion. Everybody in the film unit strongly believes that the title ‘Ruler’ is very apt for Balayya and they are not able to find another suitable title. Now it looks like the big gun Balayya himself must step in to resolve this catch-22 situation.