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Vasundhara is a…

Sorry we are supposed to write about actor Anitha…right? Well, we actually identify her by the name ‘Vasundhara’, the character name in her blockbuster film Nuvvu Nenu.

However, she is born Anita Hassanandani a.k.a Natassha! Actually, one of our Ctrl Z writers was a fan of this damsel and out of his angst for her downfall, comes this article.

Though this diva is a self-made actor, she grew up by steps-from modeling to television and then made it to films [North and down South too]. So what went wrong for this ambitious and hard-working actor who was once riding high in Tollywood is what we attempt here. And as a part of it, we’ll cut the green chilli into three small parts:

-         Before 2004

-         2004

-         After 2004

Before 2004: the Giant wheel went up and came down

She was the busiest model with handful of ads and chart full of negotiations of her Television and Film projects. Apart from her successful modeling and television career, her first blockbuster in Telugu Nuvvu Nenu happened in 2001. Most believe it to be her debut film but much before to it, she was featured in a film Bhavani in 2000 which rather went unnoticed.

She was shot to fame with Nuvvu Nenu which won 5 Nandi Awards and 4 Filmfare Awards. Later, it was even remade in Hindi as Yeh Dil with Tusshar Kapoor as the lead in which Anitha reprised her own character of Nuvvu Nenu.

Post Nuvvu Nenu, her immediate pick was Sreeram (2002) opposite the then successful hero Uday Kiran. But, unfortunately the movie was an average grosser and no one actually noticed much of her character except for the romantic song “Theeya theeyani kalalanu…”

Later she featured in Comedy guru EVV’s Thotti Gang (2002) but saw no great wonders. Premalo Pavani Kalyan (2002), Ninne Ishtapaddanu (2003), Adanthe Ado Type(2003), Nenu Pelliki Ready (2003) are few of her notable works. But this ‘Ghazni Mohammed sister’ didn’t see the brighter day of her professional life but only in 2004...

2004:Up again

If Anitha ever bagged a big pick, it is in this year. When she is dancing in the flop soup, Nagarjuna’s Nenunnanu happened to Anitha. Of course, it was an item number but Anitha was so gorgeous enough to impress the filmmakers. And fortunately, both the song and the film were super hits too! So, obviously hopes blossomed in this chic.

After 2004: the Columbus is swinging slow…dead slow

Anita who started this year with overshooting hopes had to land back in the same old B league with a film like 786 Khaidi Prema Katha (2005). From that day to till date, she had to confine to special appearances and item songs in the seven films she did so far.

Her last appearance in Telugu was Genius last year where she was spotted in an item number among two other ex-heroines.

Now, she has pinned all her hopes (like a B.E passed out appearing for H1 Visa interview) on Ragini MMS 2 that is slated for a release this year. Of course, we can see her in some ads as a mother or a wife too.


Some horoscopes turn exceptions to analyze because on an overview, everything looks fine. This Barbie doll made it big in modeling and has even made a mark in Hindi serials but down South, she hasn’t been that lucky. Especially in Telugu, she almost got to the penultimate level but couldn’t win a home-run. Right movies didn’t fall into place at right times. Again comedy films can work for heroes but not for heroines and Anita is yet another big example. If her career is examined, all her love stories were average grossers and to get promoted to the big league, she needs a big fish which she failed to capitalize on Nenunnanu. And she had to pay for her failure.

P.S: Even now, she is not a dead fish. She is still in the market with her ads and a movie in her kit. Pertaining to Bollywood and visiting South with a hit would be beneficial in any case. She has even got good contacts in Television which she might be considering as the last possible option. But as of now, the ‘H1 tension’ still continues…