2 'DHEE' IN 3D!

By - June 13, 2013 - 06:40 AM IST

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3G and 3D can be the words of the millennium because these two are mostly popular from a tech savvy to a nishani [god alone knows what they know about the two!]. While keeping 3G apart, 3D is the word and world became familiar to the metro viewer very recently [Thanks to James Cameroon and his ‘Avatar’]. Hello guru, we too have done a 3D film long back in 1984 - 'My Dear Kuttichathan', a Malayali film indeed the first Indian 3D movie that released 29 years ago and was later dubbed in Hindi as 'Chhota Chetan’. It was a successful film and critically acclaimed as well. Though this 3D gaga has contracted Bollywood a while back, it has entered Tollywood very recently.

While James Cameron has shown us a jaw-dropping exotic world, our directors Anil Sunkara and Sunil Reddy are being bold enough to come up with their upcoming releases Action3D and Om respectively. While Action3D is a bilingual comedy film [Aasu Raja Rani Jackie Matrum Joker in Tamil] starring Allari Naresh, Vaibhav, Sham, Raju Sundaram, Kamna Jethmalani, Sneha Ullal as the leads which is touted to be India’s first comedy 3D film while on the other hand Om is an out and out action thriller featuring Kalyan Ram, the star is desperately waiting for a hit who is producing the film as well.

There should be neck-to-neck competition between the two, out of which, which one takes off and which one bombs out is a worthy wait and watch!