By - June 18, 2013 - 09:59 AM IST

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Auto Johnny (AJ): Kaha jaana hai? Koti? King Koti? Rama Koti?

Cine pundit (CP): Babu…it is ‘Currency’ Koti (1 crore) that we are talking about.

AJ: Oops…ithe Ok! [Then Ok] Continue…

CP: Long long ago…so long ago…nobody knows how along ago…

AJ: Sorry…Not interested…

CP: Babu…babu…. No one has been this kind and patient so far. I can’t leave you…please listen my story…

AJ: Ok…start 1…2…3…

CP: You know just a generation back, heroes were the icon faces of a cinema. A cinema was counted by its hero and if it is a hit, it was credited to his account along with shares of the film’s grossing [in some cases]. Everyone back then raised their eyebrows when Megastar Chiru received a remuneration of Rs. 1crore but now, 1crore remuneration is just nothing more than solving a criminal case in Facebook. Even item dolls and heroines with two or three hits are demanding a crore. 

AJ: One crore! Silly…You know how much our hero gets?!

CP: Yup…now all the top heroes are receiving remuneration in crores and some are even crawling into double figures too. But a good sign of gesture is that directors today are seeing a pay cheque of a Crore. If our insider sources are to be believed, Srinu Vaitla has received a remuneration of Rs. 10 crore for Baadshah and has even paid back Rs. 2crore later on the film having stumbled at the box-office. Even for Iddarammayilatho, Puri Jagannadh has received Rs. 10crore [Of course, no news of refunding has been heard yet]. V.V. Vinayak who has revived with Naaayak’s success is given Rs. 12crores for introducing Bellamkonda Srinivas [son of producer Bellamkonda Suresh]. And the magician Trivikram is receiving Rs. 6 crore for his forthcoming Attharintiki Daaredi. After Simha’s success, even Boyapati Srinu has hiked his remuneration to Rs. 4.5 crore. Having unheard the term ‘flop’ to till date, Rajamouli has emerged as the highest paid director in the entire South industry is Mr. S.S. Rajamouli [‘Jakkanna’ to his fans]. For Eega, he has reportedly received Rs. 14crore and now for Baahubali, it has been hiked to Rs. 20crore [Not to forget his Family pack!]

AJ: Omg…20 crores!!! Phew…How many King koti trips would earn me such! Anyhow…he is worth it!

CP: Of course, directors are having a good season this generation. They are sharing credits but back then, except for big players like Dasari Narayana Rao, K. Raghavendra Rao et al, most of the directors had to check out their names on the end credits. That’s it!

On the flip side, if it is multi-starrer with a big director, the remuneration budget would be around Rs. 25crore. From where should a film come from? Damn with it…I would never be a producer!

AJ: Paapam Producers.

CP: Yes…on this note, eminent filmmaker Dasari Narayana Rao on an occasion stated, “It’s delightful to hear that directors are receiving good pays and credits, but then, let them make films that gross crores and let the producers also see crores. Above all, they are the roots”. Have our directors heard this statement?! If not, you can read here…

AJ: Rs. 500/-

CP: For what?

AJ: For listening to your sodi on a bundh day!

CP: ??!!! [Eats a sun-stroke!]