The Scale went UP for Anushka & Nayan

By - June 18, 2013 - 08:21 AM IST

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21st Century is all about miracles ...it proved that women are no less - They landed on space, climbed the Everest, ruled the countries etc.Great !! Inspirational Right?  Look what happens next…. The same inspiration gets caught up to our South Indian beauties but slightly different; with a mix of Kali Kalam Principles.. and this is called Sticker Shock on their remuneration !!

It was just yesterday we said “Heroine Ki Koti Rupalayaa…. “this phrase has quickly expired. It is known to everybody that  Nayan, Ileana,Trisha  and many others belonged to the 1 Cr Club……Hmm !!  The inspiration just went up higher and the news is that Anushka & Nayan have joined the 2 Cr Club topping the charts in the south Indian industry.

Chapter Baahubali:  All over the news from day 1 and this team is on a spending spree with sources saying that Rajamouli had a bigger piece of the pie (20Cr) and Anushka at 1.75 Cr.  Nothing less for Rudramadevi …it is at 2 Cr for this Sweety. Now comes the bonanza offer and it heard that she offered unlimited call sheets in return for these two movies.

Seems Nayanatara has demanded for 2 Cr for Kahani remake , she usually allocates 30-40 days for each movie but she doubled the number thereby justifying 2 Cr.  So Heros !!…. Need a little spoon of inspiration…. They are quickly catching up.

The final verdict is may be the Indian government should quickly release a 1 Cr NOTE  to make the producers life HAPPY !! Kali Kalam Inspiration !!