By - June 23, 2013 - 12:00 PM IST

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If you are an old friend of Telugu movies… you should have seen this hottie…
If not, the moment Nagarjuna’s ‘Sri Ramadasu’ comes on your TV next time, wait for a while until ‘Seeta’ character shows up – She is the one we are trying to remind you!

Hmmm… ‘remind’ and you know that is why, she is here in Ctrl Z today…
But we’ll also tell you how, only if you can look down –
She is yet another ‘decade heroine’ [one who has been swimming in this ocean from almost a decade] who has debuted in 2004.
Out of the quarter century (25) movies she has done so far, she is probably the only actress with an utter flop after each notable film.
So, there is no ‘Before-After analysis’ for this damsel.

2004: UPs sorry Oops!
Her first cry ‘Tapana’ went largely unheard. But, her consecutive film Nenu with Naresh has brought her under the light. Though, it didn’t shed currency notes, it did announce her name and earned her a ‘promising’ starlet image.

The resultant was ‘Konchem Touchlo unte Cheptanu’- a film with acclaimed director Vamsi. But, you know no one has a patent over success and neither Vamsi did. So, her first ‘big fish’ couldn’t swim the pool and she finished the year with another dud Suryam.

2005: Ditto
This year she starts off with a bang in the form of Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Though she does a supporting role, since the film was a blockbuster she hit the pay dirt. But, didn’t we tell you – she comes with a flop like Tanu to follow her first success.

2006: Ditto Again
This year she had a pleasant surprise for us. Archana who has done many contemporary and even ignorable characters till then, did actually surprise us with a mythological character [Sita character] in Sri Rama Dasu. The film was a sensational hit then and it looked she boarded the success express.

She even got a big offer ‘Pournami’ which later turned out to be a bomb at the box-office and got back to her own track. Even Samanyudu in which she did a supporting role was a silent hit but it hasn’t made enough sound beneficial for Archana.

Well, if one thinks she is onto the hit streak, don’t worry she’s back to her track.

2007: Item game
Nothing noteworthy in this year, except for her glamorous cameo in Yama Donga.
2008: Safe devotional game
Hey…hey… if there is any year where she hopped off her style- this is the one! Her only movie in the year was Pandurangadu – again a mythological supporting role. Unlike other movies of the similar genre, this movie did not farewell, so Archana is quite ‘in’ her wavelength!
2008 to till date:
Yeah…she hasn’t done anything notable till date and that is why that blank.
Now, though she has 9 projects in line, she pinned her hopes on Panchami and Mahabhakta Siriyala- again devotional projects.

Archana was undoubtedly a promising starlet from the home industry. She is definitely a star material. And she has got a few good opportunities too. Though she served the purpose, she has fallen victim to the conventional typecasting. Watching closely, she has been prominently a part of a film as a heroine in Nenu alone while the majority was supporting roles after that. She tries out her luck in Tamil as well but was not lucky enough.

Anyhow, if she needs to be a heroine in the big league, she needs to be promoted as a heroine but not as a supporting material. All you need is a series of good opportunities, some very good judgment and some super good hits.

P.S: If not a Ctrl Z, Archana is not done yet. If not Chennai…Mumbai. Likewise, if not in Tollywood, she is a familiar face to Kollywood as well. So, what’s wrong in our judgment and luck to test there? What say Archana?