By - June 29, 2013 - 07:23 AM IST

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Come On…who would say ‘NO’ to such an opportunity?!

All the fans…chill down; no heroine did dare to do it now also.

It is only a matter of choice for the successful director Srinu Vaitla. Now, going into the story, we know Srinu Vaitla is grooming up his next baby, we mean his next filmy baby ‘Aagadu’ for Mahesh Babu which is supposed to follow Sukumar’s ‘1’. So given that his script is ready, he is now having his pen under his teeth and breaking heads as to who should be picked up as a heroine opposite the Prince – Sruthi Haasan or Deepika Padukone. 

Shruthi Haasan is the latest lucky charm of big players while Deepika shall be the most fancied angel-came-earth type for our Tollywood. But, our director seems to be inclined towards Sruthi Haasan [He thinks she would suit better. Nothing else!].

So, who would suit better Shruthi or Dips?

Help him out folks…