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“ChikiChiki Chum… ManasanthaAanandam…” remember this song from the film Aanandam!
What to do? Kindly understand our efforts to remind you of him…
He’s one amongst the talented lot of our Telugu cinema who has got everything to be a star someday but he’s got his Murphy law [you know fate… “Edi raasipettunteadejaruguthndi”] applied to him!
Guess what, he has been around for almost 14yrs in this industry and look where he’s landed up – in our Ctrl Z! Well, that is Murphy’s Law!
But you know what; he has got an interesting professional curve. Check this out!
1st Step

His much unnoticed Telugu debut Ramma Chilakamma in 2001.
2nd Step

His second step Anandam (2001), a much brighter choice the same year. This film was a big breakthrough for Akash and his director Srinu Vaitla [the ace director now]. This superhit film has showcased Akash as a handsome happy-go-lucky guy and has got him noted in the youth community.  Except that he couldn’t dub for himself, he looked like a promising starlet.
3rd Step

After a hit like Anandam, you ought to be wary about your further steps but Akash has chosen yet another routine love story Neetho Cheppalani (2002), which didn’t have that spark to stand out. 

After these first three crucial steps, he stood on low ebb with two flops and a hit.

From 2002 to till date: skating DOWN in the B league

Except for films like Vasantham (2003), Andala Ramudu (2006), Dhee (2007) and Namo Venkatesa(2010) he hasn’t got any other significant projects to talk about. And these too were special appearances…so can’t be counted in.

And now he’s into direction also with projects like Mr. Rajesh, AaIddaru.Well, check this space for more.


In the industry where many heroes keep walking in and out- some out of irk to splurge and some out of passion. If you are here to stay, apart from luck, you ought to get your combinations and decisions right. Otherwise, you need to pay high for your choices. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs but you can’t expect a delicious omelette out of rotten eggs…right? [Phew! there is no ‘Sambha’ to note down this punch dialog].
P.S: Watching his ways back can place him pretty otherwise he can still entertain an idea of entering into production too.