If script demands, I'm ready to do any role: Sumanth Ashwin

By - July 01, 2013 - 05:52 PM IST

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Even if you are star kid, nothing is achievablewithout hard work. In the film industry nobody will bother about your past or future. What matters is the present. Sumanth Ashwin imbibed this philosophy and is trying to stand on his own foot rather than relying on his father who is prominent producer. His debut film ‘Tuneega Tuneega’ failed to impress the audience but Ashwin scored good marks as an actor. His forthcoming second film ‘Antaku Mundu Aa Taruvaata’ is soon going to hit the screens and here is Sumanth Ashwin’s exclusive interview on this note.

Tell us about your upcoming Antaku Mundu Aa Tharuvaata?
This film has lot of emotions and I’m confident that every set of audience will like it and there is no age limit for this film.  I’m very happy to be part of this project.

What kind of homework did you do for this film?
We had script reading sessions and rehearsals for the first 3 months. It helped me to understand my character in the film. My director Indraganti Mohan Krishna helped me a lot too. I’m grateful to him for helping grow as an actor.

How was working outside your home banner?
Yeah, for my first film it was my home banner, everything was taken care of my dad. My second project was also supposed to be in my home banner too. But I opted to work with other director and producer which will help me understand the industry better. Producer of the film Damodar is very comfortable to work with. It was more like my home banner.

What kind of suggestions do you take from your father MS Raju?
He is in the industry from the past two decades and I feel his experience is definitely an advantage for me. I do take a lot of suggestions from him in choosing my scripts and wherever I feel paused.

Did your father watch the movie? What was his response?
Believe me…winning a tap from dad is the toughest thing on earth. Sometimes he doesn’t like super hit films too. But, he saw the rushes of our film and he liked it…Uff! The entire unit was waiting for his comment on the film but finally we breathed smooth.

Ashwin… As an actor which actor inspires you the most?
Everybody… Yes everyone because every actor has their own unique talent. Few dance well and others impress with acting skills. So, I personally like everyone in the industry.

What drove you to choose a filmy career?
My dad once asked me whether I’m interested in a filmy career or not. I said yes. But I never thought of becoming an actor or a hero. I worked as an assistant director for Varsham movie. The film was such an exciting learning experience after which I felt, “This is it!! This is what I should be doing for the rest of my life”.

What kind of roles you personally like?
I like to do love, action, horror and comedy oriented roles. But I don’t want to get glued to one particular category. If the script demands, I’m ready to do any kind of role. I’m still in my initial stages of my career and my journey is very far. Way long to go!

What about commercial projects? Anything in cards?
Yes, definitely but you see if content is missing, even a high budget film or a big star film will definitely fail at the box office.   So my focus is on improving my acting skills and proving myself as an actor with good films. Sure anything in near future, I’ll definitely inform you (Smiles).

When can we expect a film with your dad then?
(Smiles) I seriously don’t have an answer to this. I think you should better ask him.

Your next projects?
Currently I’m into my two of my new scripts. They’ll be made official shortly.

Ok Ashwin all the best for your Antaku Mundu AaT haruvaata
Thank You!