Court orders Anjali to appear before it

By - July 04, 2013 - 10:15 AM IST

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The Madras High Court has ordered heroine Anjali to appear before it on 9th of this month in Habeas Corpus petition filed by her aunt Bharathi Devi. Anjali made controversial statements about her aunt and went into hiding few months ago. Later she appeared before the Hyderabad police but the issue got a small break. On Wednesday, the petition filed by Bharathi came to hearing and the Madras High Court heard arguments from both the sides. After listening to the arguments, the High Court has ordered Anjali to appear on 9th.

Bharathi Devi has taken advances from few producers on behalf of Anjali. But as of now Anjali is no longer staying with Bharathi, so she is unable to answer the producers regarding the future projects is what Bharathi’s lawyer stated to the court. However Anjali’s lawyer argued to solve the issue outside the court but it was defied by Bharathi’s lawyer.