Mee? Lakshmi Manchu

By - July 06, 2013 - 02:55 PM IST

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Believe us… this is the most familiar sound in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Because it is the most peculiar rather distinctive buzz word that is in a live-in relationship with our Tollywood. Whilst this multifaceted livewire is now gearing up her next release Basmati Blues in Hollywood, we take a dive into the pool in her name and fame.
Out of many film personalities’ pet scions especially Barbie daughters, why aren’t others as popular as Lakshmi Manchu? Well the answer is so easy. Only because she is a self-made star! You can counter this by mentioning her dad Collection King Mohan Babu’s name, but there is a lesser known phase of Lakshmi Manchu where she toiled day in and out with part time jobs in a far off land and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Theater from Oklahoma City University. She has even announced her name in Hollywood in a grand fashion with a commendable film The Ode in 2008. Much before to this, she was a proven entertainer on the American Television with her successful shows Las Vegas, Boston Legal, Mystery ER and Desperate Housewives - No wonder the Indian television adores her! But, being someone who can live the life of riley, Lakshmi Manchu has set an exception to the misconception.

For anyone who is so much bonded with international work and fame, it would be like being in a quandary to come down to a regional showbiz business. But, she knew her mind and her very first shot ‘Lakshmi talk show’ was a hit! From a television host to an award winning antagonist [Nandi Award for the best performance in ‘Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu’] – What a leap was it! It’s her yearn for being independent, her zealous persona and hard work that proclaims a red carpet for her in this business.

Lakshmi was the most endearing one right when she was a tot. And you know what? Even Sr. N.T.R was a fan of hers! Whenever Lakshmi visited him at his residence, the lion used to bring our junior Lakshmi a big glass full of milk and roared “Aey…thaagu” [Hey…drink it!] before she gulped the milk [Sweet…No!]. Ask her how could she manage to strike a balance between professional and personal life, she fires an instantaneous reply that her husband Mr. Anand is her support system. Being a giant IT entrepreneur in the US, Mr. Anand acts as her major Boost, Horlicks and Bournvita, keeping her back on the marathon.

Even professionally, Hosting, Acting and Production is a herculean task for anyone of her age but the way she pulls it off is laudable. Her passion and conviction should be the lone factors that took her to newer heights of being a producer and make a film Gundello Godari on her own. Thanks to her! orelse, we might have missed out a diva like Tapsee (introduced through Jhummandi Naadam) and a worthy tyro director like Kumar Nagendra (through Gundello Godari). Otherwise, how many in the industry are counting on young talents and helping them walkthrough their dreamland? - that’s like a leader!

Well, when you start realizing her ambitious facet, she takes us by surprise with her fondness for Jewelry, Nail-polish and saris that pretty much introduces us to a much unknown sensitive feminine face of hers which is equally endearing. Yes, she is certainly our girl-next-door!

Failures might bully her, the naysayers might taunt and the haters might sulk…remember she hardly gives a damn! Every superstar has an aura that many lack but no wonder she is a superstar in making!