iQlik's Special Interview with Suriya

By - July 07, 2013 - 04:42 PM IST

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Ready to attempt any number of experimental films!

Suriya is our Hero. With Ghajini, this Tamil Thambi won hearts of Telugu Audience. He adorned variety of roles in Shivaputrudu, Surya S/o Krishnan , Brothers and so on.  All these films gave Suriya a tremendous victory as an actor. But in order to gain a hit commercially, he chose a mass oriented story like Singam.  The sequel to it is also in the path of success now. On that eve, here is an exclusive chit chat with the actor:

Are you happy with the positive result of Singam?

Very much. The phone calls and messages I am receiving today are doubling my happiness.  Just as we expected, the film could gain appreciation very quickly.

Who convey you about the talk regarding a film?

My family members are huge critics! My brother Karthi watches the first day first show everytime. My mom is not too fond of films but I could see a smile in her face about this film. Even my wife liked the film a lot.

What are those aspects which helped Singam’s grand release?

We provided double entertainment in this film. We could understand to what aspects of a film the audience can connect themselves. Instead of showing heroism in a regular fashion, we went close to reality in this film. No matter how much action the film had, we did not forget about the emotional aspect of it. Father sentiment worked out quite well for it. The film was raised to a new level with good screenplay, direction, music and dialogues.

You seem to have worked quite hard for action sequences?

The action sequences gave life to this film. We spent nearly 70 days exclusively for filming them. Hari sir is a master in action scenes and he made me work for the required output without compromising anywhere. I am very glad that the action sequences became a crucial factor for the success of the film.

You even took some risky shots for this film. How does your thought process go regarding that?

The audience who come to the theatre should be satisfied. That is of utmost importance. One should be ready to do anything for it.  Especially for a film like this, action is very important and those scenes cannot be managed entirely with a dupe. The audience can easily find out which action scene was done by a dupe or which was done originally. They should not be cheated. That is why I feel there is nothing wrong to take risk when the scene demands it.

Will Singam sequels continue?

I am ready for it. Director Hari gave a green signal for the third part as well.

There is not much adoration for Sequel films in South India, is it not?

When a second part of a successful film comes, the expectations are naturally high. But not all stories are suitable for a sequel. But Singam has those qualities which would suit for a sequel film.  The misconception that South Indians do not appreciate sequels will be erased with Singam.
Why don’t you act in a straight Telugu film?

Telugu Audience always treated me as their hero. I’m always indebted to them.  But I prefer to act in a film for which both Telugu and Tamil audience would like and whenever I chose a story, I keep both audiences’ taste in mind and opt for the right story.

When are you going to act with your brother Karthi

We cannot do a film together just because there is another hero in the house. A suitable story should come. Then I’d think about this. Karthi is also eager to act along with me in a film.

Regarding your films, does Jyothika give any advises

There are no advises from her. Whatever I like,  she likes it too.  Usually we don’t talk much about films in the house.

Your previous films did not fare that well. Do you search and find out for the reasons?

Some mistakes did happen. The films which had high expectations also did not fare well. It’s all part of the game.  But even for those films, I worked really hard beyond my capacity.

Based on the character, you change your physical appearance.  Isn’t it difficult to go over the same process every time?

Can’t help. The audience cannot connect to a character if I look the same in every film.  Acting is my profession and I don’t know anything else to do. No matter how many experiments I do, all those are for films alone. I really like doing it and hence do not feel like a trouble.