By - July 07, 2013 - 12:54 PM IST

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Hello…it’s not Poonam Pandey [the famous model]… please don’t expect any adultery challenges [The one if Indian cricket team won the World cup].

It is Poonam Bajwa who debuted through Modati Cinema and even enticed the ‘Boss’ King Nag with her mettle. But, can you find her on screens these days?

And you smart readers know where to look for all the missing faces on the Telugu celluloid – Ctrl Z!

Poonam Bajwa, a white plum was quite a sensation with her chic personified looks and sparkling talent. Ok now, adjectives apart… in spite of being the starlet material, why did she end up in our list?

She has got an acute ‘A’ shaped career curve –


Unlike many debutantes, she was shot to fame with her debut film Modati Cinema. Moreover, she’s got a decent character with subtle emotions – a character to announce herself in the industry. She was up to the snuff in all the key ingredients for a beginner. The industry welcomed her with a red carpet.


With her very first film making a buzz in the industry, she grabbed her second big pick in a renowned production house Sravanthi Movies. It was a Hindi film Socha Na Tha (2005) remake too. The cast and crew were good enough to strike gold but unfortunately it didn’t. It was the first hiccup for Poonam. But, guess what happened…

In spite of her failure, King Nag was benevolent enough to give her an opportunity in his 'Boss' I Love You late that year. Nag, Nayantara and Shreya were the lead names in the Cast. And here is our fledgling Poonam making her way into the project with ease. Lucky girl! She gets a meaty supporting character than Shreya.

All is well! When everyone including her expected Poonam to take off to the peaks, the film bombed at the boxoffice!


With the unexpected failure of Boss, Poonam moved on with Veduka, yet another sensitive love story that could not stand out and plant her back firmly in spite of the good cast and combination.


They say “After every dark, there is light coming up” [Excuse us for not giving you the right phrase]. Likewise, after Veduka blasting, she got Parugu, yet another big fish [though a supporting role]. Unlike the previous projects, this film did fetch her nothing though it fared well at the box-office.

After this film, she was never seen on the Telugu screen except for some live shows and concerts. She was heard getting busy in Tamil and Malayalam. And the latest buzz is that she is gearing up for a comeback in Telugu with a thriller. [Thriller?! Okies!]


Not every tyro in the industry has the 6th sense to smell the right combinations, judgment to make the right picks and the enough quantity of luck to strike gold every time. Even, a substantial plan to build our self-image is a must here in the industry. Otherwise, we end up monotonous and unintentionally get stuck in a plane.

Unless one proves to fit any bill, they can’t make a promising offer to the makers. Your works alone build an image upon you and for a fledgling heroine, she needs to pick some meaty characters that can take them close to the masses and later can be choosy.

Poonam ironically confined herself to the same genre and eventually slipped off into a groove of ‘Supporting role’. And this is not an industry where you can do a supporting role or an item song and jump back successfully as a heroine. Unfortunately, Poonam should have learnt this the hard way.

P.S: Intentionally or unintentionally, she has got a hiatus in Tollywood. If she can take an advantage of this and pick one crazy offer to make a grand comeback, there is every chance that she can board up the hit streak again! Otherwise, even history ignores her and we don’t want that to happen!