Charan targets Sunil Reddy!

By - July 16, 2013 - 08:47 AM IST

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If you are asked to choose between experience and talent - what would you do? Every individual is wired differently and they have their own preferences. But heroes of the present generation opt for talent rather than experience.  If talent is noticed, they call them and give offers.  Ram Charan stays ahead of everyone in this regard.  Sampath Nandi shot to fame with ‘Emayyindi Ei Vela’ and Charan offered him a chance to direct ‘Rachha’. Now he has turned his attention to another new director and he is Sunil Reddy!.

Sunil Reddy wielded the megaphone for the first time for ‘OM’ starring Kalyan Ram. The movie ‘OM’ is receiving positive talk in the industry and everyone is raving about it. As a result Ram Charan focus shifted towards Sunil Reddy and most importantly they both are good friends. It is also told that Sunil Reddy showed some of the ‘OM’ scenes to Charan, to which he was very thrilled.

“We will team for a movie. Get ready with a good story” is what Charan seems to have told Sunil Reddy. Can you trust water, even a straight stick turns crooked in it - same is with film personalities, but you never know? If ‘OM’ scores a hit, Charan might immediately make a movie with Sunil Reddy!. But if it is to happen ‘OM’ should definitely do well at the box-office.