ABY 9999 - A witness to a history!

By - July 22, 2013 - 03:04 PM IST

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If you think it’s just an age old ambassador car and this is just a fancy number plate, we are sorry you are absolutely mistaken!

This isn’t just a car…it’s a priceless memory for someone and a memorial for someone.

Seeing this car, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram harks back to his autograph diaries and reads out a page for our iQlik readers…

Long back, our former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao along with his family went to meet late Giani Zail Singh, the then President of India. It was a heavy pour on the day of their meet while N.T.R and some of his family members came in a car, few other family members followed back in an open top jipsy. Seeing them drenched, Zail Singh expressed his sincere concern for them, only when Kalyan Ram who was a 12yr old kid then retaliated hastily sulking out the distress for his family not possessing their own cars. N.T.R who was seriously disappointed by this juvenile behavior of Kalyan Ram, called out for Nandamuri Hari Krishna (the father of Kalyan Ram) later and instructed him to get his son learn some manners and also a new car for him.

Years later, our Kalyan Ram grew up and got this car which was used by N.T.R while he was the Chief Minister of our state. Seeing this grandpa’s memory, he reminiscences all those sweet whips of his grandpa and the lessons of discipline that he learnt from him…

N.T.R was not only a tough leader but a sweet grandfather too. And his beloved grandson Kalyan Ram, unlike touring on the bandwagon with his grandfather’s mask, strived to make a mark and niche for himself. Right from his debut Athanokkade to his recent OM, his quench for innovation didn’t pause; his expedition to reach heights didn’t end. And OM is yet another quintessential testimony to this. He took various forms as an actor and even a producer to entertain his fans and won the hearts of many both in and out of the industry. Hope he goes entertaining on with his endeavors and awaiting much more from him…