Direction can wait! - Allari Naresh

By - July 22, 2013 - 06:46 AM IST

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Allari Naresh’s films are an entertaining. His films might lack logic but they definitely have magic! Audience prefer to watch Allari Naresh’s films to relax a little and laugh heartily for a period of about two hours!  That trust has been proved right with every film of his.  Moreover, with every film he has increased his market value consistently. Allari Naresh has been a busy hero in Tollywood since some point of time.  He is back with his latest movie Kevvu Keka to entertain Telugu audience.  On the eve of the film’s recent release, here is a chat with Allari Naresh:

How are you feeling about the response for your latest film Kevvu Keka? 
I’m feeling very happy.  The sequences which we thought would entertain the audience best, were appreciated by them!

Did you observe for which scenes audience laughed more?     
The sequence where I go to a party with torn clothes is one. Additionally, the episode which features ghosts has got very good feedback from the audience.

You delivered dialogues which are in the range of Prabhas in this?   
Yes….for every film of mine the audience have been expecting such parody dialogues. Hence that has become inevitable!

You imitate a lot of heroes in your films. What do they say about it?      
They take it in a lighter note. That is because I have lot of friends in the industry.  To tell the truth, they also enjoy my comedy a lot. So, I am able to imitate them more confidently and boldly!

If that imitation exceeds a level, is it not uncomfortable?                
There is a limit for everything. I never cross that. I have been feeling odd to do imitate off late. That is why I’ve been distancing myself from such scripts.

Is it not difficult to make audience laugh for every film? What are the paths you follow in order to achieve it?           
These days comedy has become too cheap.  For every rupee one joke is readily available. SMS messages, Facebook, Twitter are full of jokes.  Every film has to be equipped with entertainment. That is why everybody is desperately searching for jokes. As far as I’m concerned, I always believed in situational comedy. That is only best.  Based on the scene, one has to excel in Comedy.

You introduce a new female lead with every film of yours.  What is the secret behind it?                              
There is nothing secretive about it. We search for right female lead that’s all. We already have a scarcity for female leads in the industry.  If we want to cast big heroines for a film, there is the problem of call sheets. Moreover, there is no importance for female leads in my films as the film revolves around me all the time. Even having a big heroine wouldn’t make a difference. That is why we search for new face for every film.

Your 3D film did not fetch the expected result. Could you find out the reason behind it?
Maybe the story wasn’t suitable for a 3D technology. The film would have grossed well if we have taken a lower budget.


Why are you increasing the budget for each upcoming film?
My concern is always about the budget. I wouldn’t agree even if an extra rupee is spent above my market. But as it was a 3D film, it demanded a higher budget.


Your 50th film is approaching. Are there any special plans for that occasion?
I am still at the 46th film. There are still four films to be completed. Will think about it then!

When would you venture into direction?
There is still time for it.There are still many films which I need to do. Will leisurely venture into direction after that!