I love Movies! - Tapsee Pannu

By - July 22, 2013 - 01:26 PM IST

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Tapsee is one actress who has tremendous love and dedication for her work.  That is one reason why she gets continuous opportunities irrespective of hits or flops. A Punjabi native, Tapsee can speak fluent Telugu now. “During the filming of Jhummandhi Naadam, I didn’t know even a bit of Telugu. I couldn’t make out what others are speaking and which made me determined to learn the language. By the time the film was completed, I could learn Telugu!”. She came to a level where she dubs her own voice in her films.  She witnessed success in Hindi with Chashme Baddhoor along with Saahasam in Telugu.  On the eve of the success, here is a chit chat with Tapsee..

You got a hit with Saahasam. How are you feeling about it?
I have been waiting for three years for a success like this. This is a huge hit for me as far as solo female lead character is concerned.  I am able to experience the happiness in getting a hit with this film.

How does success-failure streak affect you?
Success is important- not only for me but for everyone. The thrill success gives is always different.

But you didn’t have hit films before..
It is a fact. But nobody commented on my acting skills till now. That itself means that I am successful as an actress.

The “Iron Leg” image has finally come to an end now?
Who would want to have such image? Moreover, who really did say I am an Iron Leg? If I was really so, could I have done so many films till now? The moment I got a first flop I would have been back home.If I was really so, could I have done so many films till now? The moment I got a first flop I would have been back home.

In an industry where there is domination between female leads, how are you managing it?

I did not feel so anytime. For a movie along with Hero, even the heroine is quite important.

Do you have tough competition among female leads?
Unless there is competitive spirit, the best will not come out.

Would you like to share your screen presence with another female lead?
Most of my films had the same. Why would I object for it? If my characterization is good, I wouldn’t mind even if two more female leads are there in the film!

Do you enjoy while acting?
A lot. I came to this field out of sheer interest.  I could have got a good job with my education and would be paid well. But unwilling to do the same work for life time, I ventured into movies.  I get a new role for each film here. As a result, I can see myself at a new light every time.  What else can one need?

Have you fallen in love?
Yes. With movies.  I always love movies!

How did you find Bollywood?
Compared to South Indian Film Industry, there is not much change.  The way work progress is the same. I got a good name with Chashme Baddhoor and it’s successful.  I am waiting to get more such interesting characters in the coming future.