Dream comes true for Naani?

By - July 25, 2013 - 07:10 AM IST

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Coming face to face with your favorite hero, get his autograph signed, take a picture and chat for a while - Ohhh…that happiness cannot be described in words. Our young hero Nani is experiencing something similar and is elated with joy. Now he is a hero, but once he was also a regular movie fan. Kamal Hassan is his life; he inspired him to become an actor. Even though Nani became a hero, he still idolizes Kamal Hassan and longed to meet him at least once and share his feelings. All that has been desired for a long time has come true.

The shooting of a film starring Nani is happening in Chennai. On the adjacent sets, Vishwaroopam-2 was also getting filmed. Nani finds out about this and heads straight to visit his favorite hero. To his surprise he gets a warm welcome from Kamal himself. He spent a long time with Kamal and expressed his affection towards him. He was jubilant when Kamal said “I also watched your movies”. Apart from that, he also introduced Nani to the surrounding actors and technical experts.

Nani expressed his feelings on his micro blogging site Twitter saying “I have seen my favorite actor and still immersed in the same feeling. It is an unforgettable day in my life”.