The Rise of Power Star to a Super Star

By - July 26, 2013 - 08:02 AM IST

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It’s all Pawan mania ….!! Now the fever of Pawanism is climbing to new heights and looks like he is going to wear the hat of super star.

The number of people complimenting and admiring Pawan Kalyan is increasing day by day. It is not just the average fan, even the present generation heroes have joined this list. Nitin has been a fan of Power Star since his child hood and recently Manchu Manoj also declared his admiration for Pawan Kalyan and surprised everyone. Even Navdeep joined the band wagon.

Now Happy Days hero Nikhil has also joined this list. Nikhil also likes him so much and expressed it in his own words “Rajnikanth and Pawan Kalyan are being admired so much not just because of their films, it is due to their personal behavior. There it is Rajnikanth and here it is Pawan Kalyan” on twitter. Even Nikhil promised to follow in their footsteps.