By - July 26, 2013 - 07:24 AM IST

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Two decades back…in 1984…a director by name Jijo made a Malayalam film ‘My dear Kuttichathan’…

Few years back… in 2009…a director by name James Cameron madeAvatar’…

“So what?”

Well, the lone similarity in the above two is that they both are 3D films.

Keeping aside the magnitudes of the films, the lone difference is that – we apparently became more familiar with the word ‘3D’ with Avatar. It simply knocked our socks off with its exotic ‘Pandora’ in the third dimension! And those petty 3D glasses were really the wizard piece of gadgets!

3D - The most fancied and new-found technology to filmmakers down South! Yes…we are familiar with the term but aren’t quite used to the 3-D glasses except for a few English movies that visit now and then. But now, Action 3D and Om have come! Thanks to the contemporary filmmakers who have thrown caution to the wind and plucked 3D film from the high branches!

Now frankly let’s have a ground-floor-talk about the success of these films. Both the films Action3D and Om were touted to be Tollywood’s first Comedy and Action 3D films respectively and even won the appreciation of stars like Rajnikanth. Given the magnitudes and markets of the films, a whopping Rs. 25 crores are poured into Kalyan Ram’s Om and Rs. 15 crores were splurged on Allari Naresh’s Action 3D. But at the end of the day, they both failed to regain at least 25% of their investment. Well, they happened to be too good in Theory but failed to make an impact in field work!

If 3D is awestruck with English films, why not with a Telugu film?

Well thanks for the audience for proving once again that content is the king! While 3D truly added a third dimension and beauty to the already ship-shaped content of the film in 3D films so far [Avatar, Life of Pie et al]! While on the flip side, our films appealed to be too carried away with technology rather than the actual content in it.

At the bottom line, an engine is a bogie but a bogie is never an engine...right? [Didn’t like it? Never mind!] Likewise, 3D can always be an added asset to a film but cannot pull off the film. And now, Art director sorry director Gunasekhar is all set to strike gold with his magnum opus Rudramadevi in 3D. Let us wait and watch how far his stars favor him in breaking this sentiment!