Happy Birthday Chitra

By - July 27, 2013 - 06:02 PM IST

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K.S.Chitra is one of the most amazing, wonderful, versatile and extremely down to earth playback singers we have in Telugu Film Industry. She is literally a boon to Music lovers of Telugu Film Songs. Her unfaltering smile, sweetness in voice, amazing simplicity has been enthralling Telugu Cinema right from the 80s. Though she is breathtakingly famous for her striking voice all over South India, Chitra ‘s fantastic diction and expression for Telugu songs make her very special!

Chitra was already in good fame in Tamil and Malayalam film industry during mid 80s. Her song “Paadariyen Padippariyen” (Paadalenu Pallavaina in Telugu) from Sindhu Bhairavi fetched her National Award as well. Maestro Ilaiyaraaja has been quite instrumental in giving her the much needed break with playback singing.  Right from mid 80s, Chitra has been singing for many of Maestro’s composed albums such as Marana Mrudangam, Akhari Poratam etc., But her real breakthrough song which changed her Telugu film playback singing forever is undoubtedly Oh Priya Priya from Geethanjali. Telugu Audience noticed her for the first time and was amazed with a fresh, youthful voice which was flawless in every respect.  The song literally mesmerized music lovers as well as normal listeners alike and created a fresh wave in Telugu Cinema. Her diction was so perfect that people had to assume that she is a Telugu native!

Next came Chiranjeevi’s commercially successful Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari in which most of the songs were sung as usual by SPB and S.Janaki in duets. But the song which had SPB and Chitra sing a duet – Abbanee Teeyani became a marathon as far as hits were concerned. Telugu Audience was almost sure that the brilliant legacy of P.Suseela and S.Janaki would be continued by Chitra from then!

Chitra’s musical years continued in Telugu films where she sang with almost every Music Director of the age- such as Ilaiyaraaja, A.R.Rahman, M.M.Keeravani, Raj-Koti, Mani Sharma, Vidyasagar, and the recent new music directors such as Devi Sri Prasad, K.M.Radhakrishnan, Mickey.J.Mayers and so on. In fact Chitra became the only singer to have recorded maximum number of songs with A.R.Rahman in her singing career. Another amazing fact about her is that- she is the only female playback singer who have won six national wards in her career span!

This musical nightingale sang with almost every best singer present in India ranging from veteran S.P.B and Yesudas to Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Unnikrishnan, Karthik, Tippu and the list would never end!

K.S.Chitra hold special respect to Maestro Ilaiyaraaja for guiding through her in Film singing career and the main reason for that is because, he gave her some fantastic opportunities to sing in Telugu when other music directors were wary about how far a new comer can pull it off. Her association with veteran singer SPB is also worth mentioning here. She gives credit to her perfect diction to SPB who taught her on how to sing a particular word when she was not familiar with the language.

When asked about what is the main aspect to be noted to sing a Telugu song, Chitra says it is the expression and the diction. She takes special care in singing every word penned by the lyricist and her voice technicalities are beyond any limit! As time passes by , Chitra is only getting better but not faltering in any manner!

Iqlikmovies.com wishes the musical nightingale- our adorable Chitra Chechi a very happy birthday and a great musical year ahead!

Here are some of the best songs Chitra sang which are close to every Music Lover’s heart:
  • Ninnu Kori- Gharshana
  • Paadalenu Pallavaina- Sindhu Bhairavi
  • Raanela Vasanthale- Dance Master
  • Jallantha Kavvintha- Geethanjali
  • Eenade Edho Ayyindhi- Prema
  • Lalitha Priya Kamalam- Rudraveena (With Yesudas)
  • Kaliki Chilakala- Seetharamayya Gaari Manavaralu
  • Shruthi Neevu- Swathi Kiranam (With Vani Jayaram)
  • Nelaraaja- Surya IPS (With SPB)
  • Chukkallara Chupullara- Apathbandhavudu
  • Venuvai Vacchanu- Maatrudevobhava
  • Aakasana- Sundarakanda
  • Alupannadhi Undha- Gaayam
  • Toorupu Sindhoorapu- Allari Pilla
  • Priya Raagale- Hello Brother ( With SPB)
  • Kannanule- Bombay
  • Kannullo Nee Roopame- Ninne Pelladatha (With Hariharan)
  • Manasuna Manasuga- Love Birds (With Hariharan)
  • Asalem Gurthukuraadhu- Antahpuram
  • Nigama Nigamantha- Annamayya (With SPB)
  • Swapna Venuvedho- Raavoyi Chandamama (With SPB)
  • Doobuchulaatelara- Priyuraalu Pilichindhi
  • Kallaloki Kallu Petti- Nuvve Kavali
  • Telusuna Telusuna- Sontham
  • Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana- Varsham
  • Ye Swaasa Lo Cheirthe- Nenunnanu
  • Kita Kita Thalupulu- Manasantha Nuvve
  • Mounamgaane Edhagamani- Naa Autograph
  • Title Song- Kalavaramaaye Madhilo
  • Ramayanamu Sri Ramayanamu – Sri Rama Rajyam