Samantha Clears the air

By - July 29, 2013 - 04:54 PM IST

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Samantha, who is infuriated with the way media projecting about her tweets to Siddharth, clears the air.  She took over media for exploring false rumors on her personal life and said she doesn’t have anything to hide and zero to be pointed wrong for the absence of Sid at Film fare awards. Samantha, in reply to the young actor’s appreciation for Filmfare awards said on Twitter “thanku… Missed u... Wish u were here...”

She disclosed herself by adding, “I do send my ‘hugs and kisses’ and ‘muaahs’ to many on Twitter, so usually I did send them to Sid affectionately. Everyone only sees what I write to Siddharth and read between the lines. He was the only one missing for the event among my family and friends and that is why I wished he was there.” 

If Samantha is not in any relationship with Siddharth, why is she trying hard to clear the rumor about his absence?