Nitin does it again!

By - July 30, 2013 - 07:24 AM IST

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It is bright Friday morning…

Friday - An auspicious day for many and especially our Tollywood. Because that is the day, usually films hit the screens and their fates get unfurled.

When the entire state is hustling out in the scorching summer day, one man is seriously biting his nails because it’s a ‘Judgment Day’ for him! It is a big day for him that is going to affect his morale and future as well. Finally, his much anticipated film is out and our tensed up hero finally struck it lucky again!

And there is the jubilant Nitin making merry with his second consecutive box-office hitGunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde’. Of course, it is a much needed hit that came in like a rescuing cruise to Pie Patel in ‘Life of Pie’.   

Finally the wait has come to an end. The haunted path of about 12 consecutive flops in about 7yr period has finally transformed and Nitin has sworn the hit streak! All those who grew apprehensive about a film with him earlier have now got answers as of why they shouldn’t ignore a star material like Nitin. Ishq and Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde – back to back hits!

And GJG deserves a special mention here. He has Okayed the script of GJG two months before the release of Ishq – now look at his confidence! He knows that this is going to be a sure-footed affair and his confidence has paid off well. The afresh plot line especially the confusion drama between the leads [Nitin, Nitya Menon, Isha Talwar and Madhu] and the hilarious contemporary comedy have worked wonders for the film and made it an ideal summer entertainer. And adding to it is the hit combination Nitin-Nithya Menon- Anoop Rubens which recreated the magic. Nitin’s comic timing has grabbed the show and how can anyone skip the ball! In a zamana, where a new release’s validity period is just one week, GJG proudly hoisted the 100days flag recently. Thanks to GJG - kids of this generation too know about ‘100 day films’.

“The entire credit goes to my director Vijay Kumar Konda, writer Harshavardhan [Amrutam fame] who have tussled with the script for about six long months, our producers Nikhita Reddy, Vikram and rest of my GJG crew who have materialized this beautiful script”, says Nitin and adds “I can’t excuse myself if I don’t thank my favorite Powerstar Pawan Kalyan who graced our audio launch and stood by me. He’s my lucky charm!”

Well his exhilaration is obvious and understandable. Incidentally, both Ishq and GJG happened to be love stories but Nitin’s choice and judgment have made the asli difference. He seemed to have learnt reading the hearts of Andhra youth better of late and is delivering exactly what they are expecting from him. May his forthcoming Courier Boy Kalyan also bang the box-office and heave him out of the drought.

Go great guns Nitin and we need more entertainers like GJG