Chandra Bose pens MARD poem

By - July 31, 2013 - 12:30 PM IST

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It is known that Superstar Mahesh babu will lend his vocals for the Telugu version Poem of Farhan Akthar’s Campaign MARD. The Bollywood actor has launched this drive to condemn crimes against women through various mediums and languages.

While the Hindi poem was penned by Javed Akthar, Chandra Bose has translated it into Telugu. The song starts with "Evari Kanulu Karunato Merusthayo..Evari Maatallo Nijayiti Dhwanisthundho.”

Bose reporting to media said, “This poem asks people to respect women and I am happy that Mahesh babu has addded his voice for my lyrics. After listening to it, Farhan called up and congratulated me and I am immensely satisfied as a writer while penning the lyrics.”