Ravi Teja to debut in Bollywood?

By - August 01, 2013 - 08:11 AM IST

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Our heroes have gradually shifted focus onto neighbouring state movie markets. It does not matter if it’s Tamil, Malayalam or Hindi, their only concept is to do a movie. But Ravi Teja never showed interest on Tamil cinema, his only desire was to do a Hindi film and that too under a Telugu director. Though he is also fluent in Hindi and also received couple of offers in the past but never took them seriously. However this time he seems to have taken this Bollywood journey seriously.

Recently a Bollywood director named Sameer narrated a story to Ravi Teja and he seems to have liked it. There is every chance that this could be made in both Hindi and Telugu simultaneously. The movie title is supposed to be ‘Kaur and Singh’ in Hindi and ‘Lakshmi and Reddy’ in Telugu, but nothing has been confirmed officially. After Balupu success he is taking every precaution to come up with a good story. Until now he did not OK a single story but the makers are putting efforts to get this bilingual movie on track. In the meantime, if there is a good story that comes his way, Ravi Teja might even change his decision.