By - August 05, 2013 - 09:41 AM IST

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Looks like the Powerstar is back! Of course he has always been around in the hearts of his fans but post Gabbar Singh; it’s the ‘Powerstar’ fever all around. And the moment Attarintiki Daredi was announced, it only got higher and higher!

Even Pawan Kalyan appears to have adorned new aura and is dancing up with all the positive vibes and spirit on the planet and energy equivalent to 1000 transformers. If not an exaggeration, anyone who had at least a glance at the “Kaatama Rayuda Kadiri Narasimhuda…” song video rendered by Pawan Kalyan that was released a short while ago would unanimously second us – That’s what we call an absolute Smash hit!

Youtube has realized the ‘Power’ of Powerstar very recently but we knew it right from the Thammudu days. How can one forget “Shakunlaakiya…” or “Malli Neekendukura Pelli…”?? They are one among the many unforgettable pieces of pearls in the film. But did you observe this? Pawan Kalyan has kickstarted a new drift of using endangered Janapadas in modern Telugu cinema [hmmm…please don’t look puzzled] as we are only referring to the usage of folk songs like “Malli Neekendukura Pelli…” Once it was an instant hit, it was “Bai Bayye bangaru Ravanamma…Baayi seruvu kaada boringu ravanamma…” to follow in Kushi. It was the youth anthem then and every teen sitting on the roadside bench of a gully had to sing it for his love. From then on, the Powerstar never apprehended to sing to entertain his fans – be it “Nuvu Sara thaguta maanuranno…” (In Johnny, 2003), “Killi Killi…” (In Gudumba Shankar, 2004), “Paaparaayudu…” (Along with Hemachandra in Panjaa, 2011) and now it is “Kaatama Rayuda…” in Attarintiki Daredi. His love for our folk songs and how good he is at rendering them is quite evident from this. Above 3 lakh Youtube hits within a day of posting is a lone testament to the ‘Powerstar Mania’ – Dear Youtube, get busy counting because this is inexorable! Though a song previously exists by the same name in the movie Sumangali (1940) composed by the legendary Chittor Nagaiah, this brand new version of “Kaatama Rayuda…” is an absolute Rockstar!

The makers especially Trivikram, Pawan Kalyan, composer DSP and producer BVSN Prasad deserve an applause for this commendable attempt. This is the right moment the song has landed and be a spectator of the wonders it is going to set. The movie is gearing up for a release this weekend, until then keep biting your nails.   

Click here to listen to the original song from Sumangali (1940).