It's a new start for me - Jagapathi Babu

By - August 06, 2013 - 01:59 PM IST

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There are situations where villains turn to heroes. But a Hero turning to be a villain is quite rare. Such opportunity has come to Jagapathi Babu now. Ruler (Actual name of the film yet to be finalized) features Jagapathi Babu in a negative role. As a result, the actor is quite delighted and feels strongly that this film will be another turning point for his career. After getting hold of this role, this is the first interview given by the actor:

What is the reason behind turning to negative roles?
Because I’ve understood that Hero chances won’t be coming for me.

What makes you feel so?
You have been observing off late. The situation is in such a way that which film of mine would be released, which would run well and which would fail. After so much of it, I stopped paying attention to it. In fact, I did many bad films which flopped miserably. In this juncture, who would give a Hero chance to me?

When did you realize this transformation?
It happened three years back and told the same to my cousin. I felt that the time has reached where I can no longer see myself as a Hero and need to give the path to the emerging new actors. Also realized that the time has come for it and hence been planning to act as a villain in Ruler. If this role clicks well, I am sure my career will be sturdy for many years to come.

Did you not question yourself why should I do this role, just because it came to you?
Where is the need for doing so? I have been waiting for an opportunity like this since ages and I got it now. That is why without hesitation I agreed for it.

Will your role be on par with the Hero Balakrishna role in the film?
If the villain’s role is powerful, the hero’s role will be much more elevated in the film. Still, we all know the hero will win eventually anyway- which is another topic of discussion. But my character in this film is being made very powerful. I have complete trust on director Boyapati Sreenu. After watching his Simha, I immediately called him up and congratulated his good work saying nobody has shown Balakrishna so stylish and in a great fashion in recent times.

How is your role going to be in this film?
It is no doubt going to be very stylish. The characterization is of Italian Villain way and the role expands in three generations. Obviously, I would be seen in three getups for it. I’ve been growing my beard for the film!

Do you have any issues with remuneration? Can we assume you are doing it for the same?
I clearly told the producer that they can give any amount they want but there shouldn’t be any bargain business. They told a figure and I approved. Please don’t ask me the details of it! This film is being made with passion. Anil Sunkara and Sai Korrapati are those people who are very passionate about their work. They know how much to pay for an actor.

The film industry is deprived of villains off late. Can we feel that would be filled with your presence?
I don’t know about other actors but as for me, I am always ready to act in any sort of role. In Bollywood we saw Anil Kapoor and Sunil Shetty act in villain roles along with playing hero roles. We also need such environment.

Have you said goodbye to Actor roles then?
Those films also will be there. Some films in which I acted couldn’t be released due to distribution issues. They would be released soon.