Nirbhaya case on Chakri Withdrawn

By - August 07, 2013 - 04:38 PM IST

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The Nirbhaya case filed against Music composer Chakri and producer Parichuri Prasad (Simha fame) on Monday, has been withdrawn. 35 year old Madhavi, who filed the case, informed the police that she was in drunken state at that time.

This brawl took place on Sunday night when Chakri and Paruchuri Prasad were dining and Madhavi's friend snapped a picture of Chakri and Parichuri Prasad when both of them were dining. The victim lost her balance and has sustained injury and later on the victim herself revealed her state to media. Finally, the complainant withdrew the case on Tuesday. 

Chakri, who was a popular musician in Tollywood, has got a huge gap in the recent times. He was one among the great music directors in Tollywood few years ago. He composed many fantastic albums and beautiful songs but now he lagged behind in Tollywood.