Srihari - Sher khan Role gave me Immense Satisfaction.

By - August 14, 2013 - 07:18 PM IST

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Srihari…even his speech sounds like a fight. If the fight begins, it’s a sure shot war! Beginning with his career with smaller roles, he rose to heights as a great character adorning negative roles. That later transformed him as a Hero.  Now he is back again as a character actor. He designed his career in such a way that the roles he chose were suitable to his image and age! He is like a director and producer’s first choice- as far as roles which would transform the storyline of the film. Srihari could prove himself every time he got such opportunity. He also played an active role in social awareness activities apart from being an actor by establishing an organization named Akshaya Foundation.  August 15th is his birthday. On the occasion, here is an exclusive chit chat with the talented actor:

How is your career going?
You have been seeing by yourself! In a stream of opportunities which I have been getting, I was choosing only those which would suit me well.  I’ve been working on films non-stop without taking break even a single day in the year.  What else one can need to get satisfied?

Are you able to get satisfaction as an actor?
The days which had me work for just money are gone now. The moment I got Magadheera in my career- I’ve firmly decided that I would do only roles which would reach to that level.  I’m telling only one thing to whoever approaches me with a story in hand now. Just because I am available, they should not choose me for their film. I’m asking them to re-check whether I am the person who could do justice to their film.  I’ve been accepting only those roles which are suitable for me in every possible way.

What was the recent role which got you immense satisfaction in recent times?
Zanjeer is being remade in Hindi. The film is coming in Telugu as Toofan. The role which Sanjay Dutt adorned in Hindi is being done by me in Telugu.  That role is one which gave me immense satisfaction in all levels.  It is on par with my role as Sher Khan in Magadheera.

You acted with Charan for the second time. Did you notice any difference from the Charan in Magadheera and in Toofan?
There has been lot of maturity in him as an actor. I am sure that he would excel in Bollywood.

Have you been getting any offers from Bollywood?
I’m acting as villain in Prabhu Deva’s Rambo Rajkumar. The director of Zanjeer- Apoorva Lakhia was asking me to work with him for another project.  Let us see how it goes!

How do you find Bollywood?
They won’t leave if they identify even a little talent in us. The atmosphere is quite good there. They follow the norms of Hollywood and Production values are quite high.

Which department of acting gave you utmost satisfaction- Villain, Hero or Character Artist?
Three of them are unique in their own way. There is a tinge of selfishness for villain characters. It feels like only my role should be evident and other roles shouldn’t be seen at all! For character roles - it’s like performing well in the role which is what matters. There won’t be much concern about how the film would be. If it’s a Hero - the thinking would be like every character in the film should be good and excel in their respective roles.

Your career has been quite vast. Did you ever feel like it is almost enough - and should put a break to acting profession?
I am one person who believes that Cinema is my world. I don’t know anything else apart from Cinema. That is the reason why I never felt so. But one thing is true. I am not able to accept every opportunity which I am getting off late.  After Magadheera, I’ve decided to take up only those roles which are of that range.  If I agree for lesser valued roles- it would be like degrading my own self.