Buy Mahesh and get Naresh for a Discount OFFER !!

By iQlik Movies - August 17, 2013 - 07:45 AM IST

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Buy One Get One Free, Buy One Get 50 % OFF  ... When you hear something like this the first thing that comes to our mind is Chandana Brothers or RS Brothers….isn't ? But this is a 360 degree turn and the same  offer is applied to Cinema … Unbelievable! but Who pulled it off ? Do not be puzzled!!  Our Tolly producers applied this simple offer to the TV Channels and who else could be the scapegoats ? THE AUDIENCE… Let us keep it aside and get to the chase . There is a festive bonanza going on in Tollywood right now: purchase one film and the latter is discounted for the satellite rights .  

iQlik Movies previously announced that Mahesh Babu’s film ‘1-Nenokkadine’ satellite rights got sold for a whopping price of Rs.12 Cr. This has been a topic of discussion in the film nagar circles. But according to reliable sources, satellite rate of the film is not Rs.12 Cr but Rs.15 Cr with a small offer.  The big bonanza is Naresh’s Action-3D got packaged with 1-Nenokkadine. Hats off to the genious brains.

The brains who mastered this deal is none other than 14 Reels Entertainment, being the producer for both the movies. This looks like a cool offer. Isn't it? So Producers do not worry about flops, at last you will need a break to attach the trash.

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