Another Chance for Parushuram!

By - August 18, 2013 - 08:02 AM IST

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Director Parushuram (Bujji) got everyones attention in the film industry with the movie Yuvatha. He has proved his skills of making a mass cinema with Anjaneyulu. Later he received a clean hit with the movie Solo. However, Sarostaru was a big disappointment. In spite of that, the producer of this movie Ashwini Dutt has decided to give him one more chance.

It is told Ashwini Dutt believes in Parushuram talent, and it is the reason why he was given a second chance. There is information that Bujji has already prepared the story and a star hero will be acting in it. This time he has chosen a story based on family backdrop. Who is the hero? When will the film start? It will be a while before these questions will be answered. Let’s hope he proves Ashwini Dutt’s confidence at least this time.