Seize the best opportunity

By - August 27, 2013 - 01:54 PM IST

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The saying “Make the hay while the sun shines” is absolutely true. Our Heroines follow this saying without missing a bit of it! When they have the glamour, they manage to get the maximum number of projects.  In fact, they won’t leave even one source of income during this period. They get money for dancing in a special song for a film or arriving at a prestigious shopping mall opening. When it comes to Commercial advertisements, such opportunities do not come for all. They need to have little image for it by earning popularity like Tamannah, Anushka and Kajal.  But for those who come for inaugurating a mall, these aspects are not needed. By appearing in just one or two films and calling themselves actresses, they fetch lakhs in return. These upcoming heroines are making a huge wave in award functions too.

Let it be Maa TV awards, Film fare or Mirchi awards- it is Heroines hungama all the way. They set the stage on fire with their performances, dance and entertainment. They are giving a look for the programme to say in short. In order to do this, they demand huge amounts of money of course. The event organizers divide the section of heroines into three sets.  Samantha, Tamannah, Kajal etc form Group A. They are always busy with their shooting work and even if they make an appearance in the award show then that is enough.  In fact, they take remuneration on hourly basis for attending such shows. For participating in one award show, these top heroines bag minimum 10 Lakh Rupees for it.  Coming to Group B, these heroines did films previously but now are in dearth of work.  People like Poonam Kaur, Sanjjanaa, Madhushalini and Veda come into this category. For performing on two songs for an award show, these heroines demand from 4-6 Lakh Rupees.

When it comes to Group C, they are those who already retired from full time acting but still have good craze among the audience like Sridevi. If they attend for the show and present an award on stage, that is more than enough. These heroines get huge amount as well for their presence. Their rate is decided before hand on hourly basis. Recently a new channel named Tollywood began and Sridevi was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony. For that she got a staggering amount of 18 Lakhs. Shriya, Sanjana, Tashu, Kaushik- all these people participated in the dance performances for the main reason- that is good remuneration. The costume design, make up and everything else has to be taken care of the event managers- that is these people’s rule.

All in all, Heroines have struck the gold mine in earning money. They are getting good money from all the directions. This culture increased with award functions off late. Some private organizations are announcing film based awards currently and even to take those awards, the awardees are demanding money. Finally, the award functions business is flourishing as good as few dance performances and huge sums of money!