HRC directs Police to file case on Charan!

By - August 28, 2013 - 08:31 PM IST

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The Public Brawl incident few months ago involving actor Ram Charan and two techies in Banjara Hills came haunting the actor now. The Police then did not register case on him for 'known' reasons and even the techies kept mum after they were 'made' silent. 
But a lawyer, Salim approached Human Rights Commission (HRC) demanding justice and the commission today ordered the Banjara Hills police to file case against the actor, his father Chiranjeevi’s secretary and the two body guards who attacked the techies under sections 120(B), 325 and 306. This incident then attracted huge public attention when the actor turned out all the evidences as morphed even when they are clearly evident. We will have to see where this leads him to!

Qlik here for the Road Side Brawl Photos.