Cinema is Everybody's soft Target - Nag

By - August 29, 2013 - 05:27 PM IST

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The separate state movements are creating heavy losses to Film industry. Politicians should stop intimidating because Film Industry came all the way to Hyderabad only because the leaders of the bygone era called them. In order to establish the industry in proper manner, it took 30 years. Despite this, for music composing film industry is looking for Chennai even now. After the state division, Film Industry hub would be Hyderabad... – Akkineni Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna feels that Cinema is getting affected not because of Heavy Budgets but because of these movements. He expressed his grief saying that Cinema is turning out to be a “Soft Target” to everybody and suffering heavy losses as a result of these agitations. On the eve of his birthday, at a special interview, Nagarjuna said that Hyderabad will remain the film industry hub even after the state division and there are fewer chances to build another hub for Film industry at a short notice.

Effect of Agitations on Cinema:
Nagarjuna said,” It not just now, right from two years Cinema has become a target for everybody. Whenever some mishap happens, the shooting is getting cancelled. If there is a strike by Cine Employers Federation the shooting is stopped in between also. Fighters, Dancers strike also impacts the commencement of shooting, Cinema is terribly getting effected because of this. More than heavy budget issues, it is these agitations which are affecting the well being of Cinema.”

The actor even reminded saying “People like my Dad came all over to Hyderabad then on the request of leaders like Chenna Reddy and Jalagam Vengal Rao. My Dad came to Hyderabad before everybody else in 1963 to settle down here.”

Problem has to be faced:
“State division will take nearly two years and I do not know what sort of issues will arise then. If any such issues come, everyone in the industry should come together and solve them. Worrying that there would be a big problem in the future itself is a burning issue now. Let the issue come. If it comes, there is no other way except to fight over It.”, said Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna also said that after the state division it is not easy to shift the Film industry hub to a different place.  “People would have friends here. Kids would be studying in schools and colleges based in Hyderabad. People have their businesses and activities centered on here. It is very tough to change all these and I feel it is highly difficult to do so. Whatever I talk on this issue would turn out to be a controversy. If the shooting spot is changed, we will have to go to the changed location and complete it.”

Nag requested, “Post Division, we will have to see how the Tax rules would be set by the Government. Politicians should first come forward to solve such issues and they should stop intimidating us.”

He also expressed his misery saying, “Andhra Area is totally stumbled with the effect of agitations. In Telangana there were many bandhs and on that account many shootings were cancelled and films were postponed. The same scene is repeating in Andhra Area now. Whatever happens, the ultimate “Soft Target” is Cinema. They cannot stop anything else; hence they will stop Cinema!”