Siva or Ninne Pelladata ? Which Way ?

By - September 02, 2013 - 04:36 AM IST

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As we all are aware that Movie industry is filled with sentiments. Likewise, Nagarjuna also has few sentiments. He has a strong belief that his movie will be a blockbuster, if it is released in the month of December. Many movies of his have proved this sentiment. But his movies that were released in October also have a great track record. Shiva – the path breaking film and a marvel in his career was released in this month (October 5th, 1989). Ninne Pelladutha – the film that brought him close to the family audience was also released in this month (4th October, 1996).

Now Nag is planning to continue with the same sentiment and is making all preparations to release his latest flick Bhai on October 4th or 5th. All these three films have been made under his own banner. Will this success repeat? Only the audience can answer this question. The final song of this movie will be filmed starting from Saturday in Hyderabad, with this the entire movie will be completed. 

But the past sentiment worked because the brains behind these projects were RGV & Krishna Vamsi. But this October sentiment is with Director Veerabhadram who is completely out of the context and a no match to those genius Directors. Can Veerabhadram handle all the heat and stand upto Nag's sentiment & expectation ? This is seriously an all in situation for Bhadram. (Bharam Be Careful Brotheru ....!!).