Platinum Disc Functions Hungama!!

By - September 07, 2013 - 07:28 AM IST

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We all know that Audio Market is on a declining trend ever since technology emerged in the form of digital downloads. The Filmmakers have completely lost hope on revenues. With the advent of FM & mp3 players consumers for CD’s have become a scarcity. We are nearing an age where people will look at Audio cassettes & CD’s in a museum. CDs got replaced by Pen Drives, Mp3 players, iPod’s and so on. Instead of buying an audio CD for Rs.50/- , consumers are finding other means to burn 100’s of songs into CD’s or directly download into their PC’s. So, where is the scope for CD sales? What is the logic behind Platinum Discs and Double Platinum Disc celebrations?

If there is a slightest possibility in this space, there is a little market for Star Hero’s such as Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh & Jr.NTR and even it lasts only for a week. The minute the audio is released; all the songs get downloaded onto mobiles, MP3 players or various internet sources.  Especially new or debut hero films do not draw any interest or attention unless there is a positive talk about the music, otherwise nobody cares to listen to them.

With all the above said and done, the film producers boast saying that their film’s audio is celebrating double or Triple Platinum disc milestones. Off late, even small films are getting ready with such deeds. Yesterday, there was a platinum disc function for Chandi film.  Nobody is aware of the fact that the film’s audio has been released! How can one believe that 1 Lakh CDs of that album have been sold? It is neither a Star Hero film nor has good music. But they went ahead with celebrations and it looked like a publicity stunt.

They simply need a reason to get a film in front of the media and these platinum disc functions are the entry points. Both the media and the filmmakers know reality about audio sales, but still platinum disc functions happen. This might lead to a new trend where the audio sales are numbered based on the YouTube views or the number of times the songs are played in FM!

Tomorrow if a Film’s audio is genuinely successful and if it celebrates a triple platinum disc function, people may find it hard to believe its credibility! When will the producers and directors put an end to this hypocrisy? It is time they do a reality check and most importantly focus on delivering QUALITY MUSIC which will penetrate to the audience no matter what!!!