Directing a film is not a joke !

By - September 12, 2013 - 04:42 PM IST

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“Captain”- This job is admired by everybody. Everyone wants to sit at least once in the Captain’s chair and say the words “Start, Camera!” Right from the light boy to the Hero, everyone’s eyes are on the director’s megaphone. For that matter, even Comedians yearn to venture into direction. They test their fortune by coming into direction after gaining some experience as a comedy actor.

From the yesteryear Padmanabham to current day Vennela Kishore, many such comedians came into direction. However, the success rate has been meager for them. M.S.Narayana and AVS also tasted failure in this aspect. Now Krishna Bhagavan and Avasarala Srinivas are going in the path of direction. Padmanabham directed Jatakaratna Midatam Botlu and Pellikaani Tandri during his regime. When Padmanabham announced to become a director at his peak levels of acting career, people had high expectations on his film. But, he could only get failure. Following that, Comedians like Raja Babu and Ramana Reddy were scared to even touch the director’s megaphone! Rajababu and Chalam confined themselves to production instead. In the modern era, AVS tried his luck in direction with films like Super Heroes, Kothi Mooka, Uncle and Room Mates. None of these films could make an impact at the Box Office. M.S Narayana tried his directional skills with Koduku but even that was bounced back. Vennela Kishore’s Vennela one and Half and Jaffa irritated the audience more than entertaining them. Now, Avasarala Srinivas is getting ready to come into direction. Tanikella Bharani who got introduced into Telugu Films as a writer and an actor has been quite successful in making films with his own style and balancing both his professions. Krishna Bhagavan is also dreaming of becoming a director now...

The audience generally expect heaps of comedy and entertainment when a Comedian is going to direct a film. However, the Comedian turned directors have been unsuccessful in giving the much needed entertainment. Four films directed by AVS were based on serious themes. M.S Narayana took an action film. Padmanabham’s two films were based on sentiment and there was no scope for comedy at all. Experts feel that these Comedian turned directors did a mistake by choosing serious themed stories. Moreover, acting in a film is totally different from taking every aspect of film making on one’s shoulders. Lack of directional experience, mistakes in story writing enabled films made by these people to become flops. Will Krishna Bhagavan and Avasarala Srinivas learn from these mistakes? Will they rewrite the trend? Only Box Office can answer these questions..