Oh Century Hero..Time to Wake up

By - September 13, 2013 - 12:22 PM IST

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One has to change according to the changing times. If not, it would be as troublesome as wearing a sweater during summer! The showbiz world has to observe this reality; especially heroes like Srikanth in particular. Srikanth crossed the hundred film mark and he had a great career with decades of journey. Luckily, even after crossing hundred films his career is zooming away well and it is very happy news. It is at this time he should be quite careful. In order to take his career forward for few more years he needs to do some inevitable sacrifices. He should stop accepting every role or character he gets. In recent times, except Virodhi he couldn’t do even one meaningful role. Which film made him recognize as an actor? In the midst of hundred films, if there is not a single valuable role- what is the use of working in such films? For upcoming actors, this is not problematic but for a senior actor like Srikanth, it will seriously affect the label of seniority.

Sevakudu, Shatruvu and Lucky – None of this films featured Srikanth in a memorable role. All this is done by Srikanth himself. By showing faith in producer, he is acting in such films and thereby getting flops in his career. Srikanth has to come out of the “I’m still a Hero” mindset at least now. The days of Duets, Fights and Dances have gone. He should keep his growing age and upcoming youth in mind and selecting matured roles. He did act in multi starrer films previously. If he gets roles like Elder Brother or so, there is a scope of extending his career. Jagapathi Babu has been welcoming such transformation recently. He realized that, “If I still act as a Hero, people will not accept!” and hence he is slowly turning towards negative shaded roles. We should wait and see when Srikanth will change his role choosing style.