Small films couldn't encash the opportunity

By - September 17, 2013 - 11:57 AM IST

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When the big tiger is on hunting spree, the deer shouldn’t go out because forget getting food, the deer might become a bait for the tiger. The same principle applies to Cinema. When Big Budget films come over to show their capacity in Box Office, Small Budget films shouldn’t come forward to show their worth. With no star films, and when Box Office has been idle, Small Budget films thought of utilizing the opportunity by testing their own fortune. It is the right time for them now. In the midst of Seemandhra Movement getting more aggressive off late, the producers, distributors and even promotion people of Big Budget films are scared to release their films in such situation. That is why Small Budget films are queuing up to get released from the past 40 days. If one estimates how many of those films really made a fortune, or liked by the audience- The statistics are not satisfactory. In nearly 25 films which were released, only one or two films were appreciated by the audience.

The Small budget film makers usually say,” Our Small Budget films are getting crushed under the influence and grandeur of Big Budget films. We are being suppressed!” It is true to certain extent. Even for a good film like Mithunam, there was a scarcity of theatres. However, by observing the current events one can understand that it is not only the reason why Small Budget films are unable to survive. The reason for it is because now there are no big budget films running and there is ample availability of theatres. There is no “suppressing” situation. In such situation, ideally a Small budget film should show its worth perfectly.  But that did not happen. Nobody knows when these films are released and when they are leaving the theatre as well. Where does the fault really lie now?

These Small Budget films were not made by completely new faces or without any expectations either. They had a little guarantee. Still, they couldn’t win over the hearts of Audience. Maruthi’s Romance, Bharavi’s spiritual oriented film Jagadguru Adishankara, Charmee’s Prostitute role film Prema Oka Maikam , Comedian Vennela Kishore’s Hero avatar film Athadu Aame Scooter, Teja’s venture 1000 Abaddalu, Naxalism backdrop film Dalam.. All these films had some glamour associated with them. But it did not help their films to be successful. With release of 25 films, most of them couldn’t leave profits for the producers. Though ‘Anthakumundu Aa Taruvatha got good name as a clean film, it hasn’t been getting good profits. However, Potugadu could get some good openings.

The digital age has been of prominence now. People who are passionate about Cinema are taking this as an opportunity showcase their talent and fortune. This is making them venturing out to film making and it is totally understandable. But, lack of awareness about Cinema, and not much attention towards the story and story telling is making them unsuccessful. People who are financially stable are drawn towards the glamorous Cinema field and are entering here. More than interest, it is awareness which matters. When awareness is missed, mistakes happen. This situation is not just for new comers but also experienced directors such as Teja and Chandu. Most of them are hurrying to wrap up a film in low budget, and hoping for satellite rights – but later becoming victims of losses. That is why though there is a whiff of new air comprising of Small Budget films, very few are actually successful.

From all these factors, it is evident that Small Budget films are not getting suppressed only because of the Big Budget films. If a film which is made has worth, the audience will not bother whether it is a small budget or big budget film. When Star Hero films were released, many Small budget films were released too. Films which had interesting storyline and story telling were successful. “Nuvve Kavali” arrived in the midst of many Bug Budget films. Did it not attain success and created a new trend? Lack of agenda, and experience is the reason for failures. People who want to venture out to make a new film have to keep this point seriously in mind.