Swamy Ra Ra hero turns a fitness freak

By - September 21, 2013 - 12:35 PM IST

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Nikhil Siddhartha, who recently scored a decent box-office hit with Swamy Ra Ra, has always been active on the screen and also off the screen. Now, 28-year old actor seems to have shifted his focus on maintaining perfect diet and physique , this has apparently made him to suggest few fitness and diet tips to his followers on Twitter. Nikhil seems very serious about his fitness regime and working out for two to three hours every day.

"Just finished a total Ab Workout... Abs r the toughest region to work and very painful.. Anyways as always here r 2 workout motivation tips. Tip 1- An Avg person needs about 1gm of protein per 1kg of body weight.. if u weigh 70 kgs u need approx 70gm of protein per day.. For bodybuilding u need 2gm of protein per 1kg body weight.. ie a 70 kg person needs 140gm of protein to build muscle mass.. Tip2-Vegetarians also can Build a huge body.Sources of protein include lots of MILK, GroundNuts,PeanutButter,Soy,Almonds,Cashews and DAL etc," tweeted the actor.