Narayana Murthy insulted at 100 years of cinema event

By - September 24, 2013 - 10:22 AM IST

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Red Star R. Narayana Murthy, who is quite known for exposing the exploitation of society's lower strata through his films, has been insulted at 100 years of Indian Cinema celebrations in Chennai. When a troop was singing continuously onstage, Narayana Murthy aguishly interrupted them and shouted at the event organizers by questioning whether it was an audio function or a cinema function. C. Kalyan, president of organizing committee immediately ran on to the stage and pulled off the mike from Murthy and sent him back stage. Furious Murthy, argued with the event organizers for some time.
“When I went onstage, I couldn’t even find a single picture of Telugu man Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu, the pioneer of South Indian cinema. Moreover, the event started with Sivamani’s show and followed by a song and dance. I was totally disappointed with the functioning of this event. There were so many people who strived hard for the development of Telugu film industry and it is sad that none of these legends were honored by even a poster at the premises.” said Narayana Murthy. 
It is also known that, actress Kavitha shed tears at Jai Bolo Samaikyandhra press meet for not inviting her to the 100 years of Indian cinema celebrations.